Special Offer Information

This feature of our web site makes it easy for members to promote Special Offers and Packages to potential customers. Research shows that potential visitors are more likely to book when travel specials and packages are made available, and when they feel they are receiving value added services for their money.

What makes up a special offer?

A Special is a value added offer on a single component, for example a discount on regular pricing, a free item or other value for the purchaser.

A Package is a multi-product and/or service offer that may include such items as lodging, dining, entertainment, excursions, and other activities in a single price. Packaging gives gives visitors a convenient way to experience Ketchikan, and is an opportunity for members to work together to create a successful, new product and/or service package offering. Members offering packages must be willing to accept a single payment for the package and be responsible for payment to any partners.

KVB Members receive one free Summer Special or Package offer per year and one free Year Round Special or Package per year. Additional listings are available for just $125.00 each per year.

How do I get started?

Specials: Determine your offer and the pricing structure, as well as dates and any restrictions.

Packages: Identify members you would like to work with and together, create your package. Decide on things such as pricing, date availability, logistics, who will be the primary contact for reservations, restrictions, and cancellation guidelines.

Once you have your Special or Package ready to go, you can upload it to our site:

  1. Login to your Member Admin page.
  2. Create your special offer ad by clicking on the blue "Add New Special Offer" button.
  3. When you have completed and saved your ad, click on the "Submit" button.
  4. Once we receive your request, we will place it on the Special Offers web page.