Taquan Air


Taquan Air–Ketchikan’s most trusted name in aviation. Specializing in Misty Fjords flights, remote bear viewing, flightseeing tours, fly-out crab feasts, remote fishing excursions, and more! Ketchikan’s Medallion Shield Carrier! Accessible only by air, Humpback Lake is 60 miles southwest of Ketchikan. Enjoy the crystal-blue waters and inhale the fresh mountain air as you view the amazing sight of Humpback Mountain. Exclusive flights provided by Taquan Air www.taquanair.com

More Information

Service: Fly-Out Fishing, Misty Fjords, Flightseeing
Costs: $50-$150 per person per night
Hours: varies
Availability: May to September

4085 Tongass Ave.
Ketchikan, AK 99901