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Alaska Amphibious Tours

Bear Viewing- In mid-summer and early fall, when the salmon arrive to spawn, Margaret Creek in Traitor’s Cove is host to a high concentration of black bears, making it the perfect place for Ketchikan, Alaska bear tours. Traitor’s Cove is located 26 miles north of Ketchikan and approximately 60 – 70 minutes (one way) by boat. At Traitor’s Cove dock, your adventure continues as you drive 1.25 miles by private van to the Margaret Creek trailhead. From here, you continue on a short 250-yard walk along a rainforest trail to the bear viewing falls.

Misty Fjords- Feel the magnitude of nature while learning the fascinating history of Rudyerd Bay, the fjords, and Punchbowl Cove on our Ketchikan Misty Fjords boat charter. What makes our Misty Fjords tours unique is that we offer the only customized boat charter to the fjords. You will work in close partnership with the captain to determine the course. You are the captain of your ship! If you decide you would like to stop and enjoy certain areas of the Misty Fjords longer — perhaps New Eddystone Rock, an immense volcanic spire rising from the emerald sea, or the abundant coastal and marine wildlife including bald eagles, black and brown bears, humpback and orca whales, and more — we will do so.


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